What’s fun got to do with exhibitions, right? Well, fun brings people back for more, and gets you remembered. The more energy generated at your exhibition stand, the more traffic you’ll gain, and the more engagement you get. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Have a contest

  • Have your visitors drop their business cards into a bowl to go in the draw to win a prize. The prize should be something people desire, or something memorable. Make them come back for the draw at specified time if you can.

  • Have an interactive game, such as a video game, VR interaction or bean bag toss at your stand. The holder of the highest score wins. This one is particularly good, because people will return to your stand during the day to see who has the highest score.

  • Get your visitors to tag your stand in a selfie and upload it to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to enter into a contest. Create a special hashtag relating to your business and the exhibition for them to use.

  • A good idea is the prize wheel – it always draws a crowd. Give visitors a turn at spinning the wheel, they will love it.


Some great prizes ideas

  • Something relevant to your business, such as products or a free trial of your service.

  • Headphones, a camera, a kindle or an iPad

  • Gift card to a local restaurant

  • Books about your business

  • Tickets to a local sports game

  • Clothing or apparel


Get the word out

  • Send a few emails and post to your social media pages before the show to promote your contest and the show itself.

  • Add an event section to Facebook and to your website.


Stop foot traffic:

  • Make sure your staff engages with your visitors, not just each other

  • Have great signage which is easily read, from at least three metres away.

  • Offer free giveaways, such as pens or key chains with your logo on them.

  • Besides the contest prize, have lots of free giveaways like pens, notepads, or key chains with your logo on each item.

  • Make a point of displaying your contest prize.

  • Have information ready for people who want more information about your product or service.

  • Smile and be approachable.


A couple more considerations:

  • The more people at your stand engaging with the contest, the more others will want to see what the fuss is about.

  • Use the time when they approach to talk to them about their needs and how your business can help

  • Take a picture of your contest winner and post to your social media pages with a caption like “Jane just won a Kindle at XYZ exhibition with Your Company Name”.

  • Follow up all leads after the show ends with a phone call or email.

If the chance presents itself, take some time to walk around and see what’s working at other stands. You can use this knowledge to adjust what you’re doing, or use it at your next show. Keep in mind that different crowds go to different shows, so consider your audience. Whatever ideas you use, make sure you and your team have fun with it!


Feel free to contact our team for more ideas and help with your next Exhibition setup.