1. Get Your Branding Sorted Out

Get a good graphic designer to put together your branding, and use it on everything. This includes your business cards, website, social media, emarketing, product tags and carry bags. Don’t forget your market stall or shopping kiosk signage as it is a key element in assisting you to pull together a professional image. A consistent look will make you look trustworthy, professional and appeal directly to your target demographic, doing the work for you.


2. Social Media

You would have to have been hiding under a rock if you haven’t noticed the power of social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Its important to understand the differences between the two. Facebook is more personal, so it’s important not to bombard people with reminders about your business, or they may hide your feed or even ‘unlike’ you. Twitter by nature is more transient, so it’s more acceptable to to tweet about your stall or kiosk every couple of hours or so, to catch people who are out and about.


3. Mailing Lists

Every new customer will potentially buy from you again, so get their contact details. Have a mailing list form or a guestbook where people can leave their email addresses. Send them a newsletter, promotional material, a discount voucher or advance invitations to upcoming offers and sales to keep them coming back.


4. Blog

A blog is a fantastic way to keep potential customers updated with new products. You do need to be committed though, try to post at least once or twice a week to maintain your readership. Don’t worry though, your posts don’t have to be long. Even just a couple of pictures of your latest products is great. Don’t forget to connect your blog to your social media feeds so that you can update them all at once.


5. Product Bags

Business cards are great, but a really nice, reusable carry bag is a great way to promote your business because people will use it over and over again. A great bag will do your advertising for you, as it will get continually passed on. If a customer doesn’t buy anything but still wants your details, give them a bag as they will use it again and advertise your business without trying. With a little only research, you will find that a batch of bags is as economical as business cards. Don’t forget to add your url to your bags so that people can find your website.


6. Tell Your Friends

You may thinks that sales to friends don’t count, but a sale is a sale. In this case your fantastic products will do your advertising for you when someone asks “Where did you get it?”

“Thanks, my friend makes/sells them at…”

This is the beauty of word of mouth advertising, make it work for you!