It doesn’t matter if you have a big budget (or a little one), there are still a few tricks you can use in your exhibition space that can maximise your time and space at any conference,exhibition or trade show.


Be different

If you want to be remembered, do the opposite of everyone else. If every other display is big, go small. Sometimes people can feel a little lost at a massive booth. Try using a small, intimate setting, with a nice table and comfortable chairs. You can then concentrate on listening to what people have to say as they stop by. A hot drink or cold glass of water also always goes down well. This is an approach that gives you an opportunity to make a good impression and be remembered for your simple, uncluttered approach.


Tell a story

Its a given that you are selling a product or service. Turn your sales pitch into a story, and people will remember you. There are many ways to find a story in your sales pitch. Talk about how you product was invented, how your company started, employee anecdotes. You could even think about how you can use your product to tell a story in an innovative way, you are only limited by your imagination. The point is that your visitors will have a solid memory of your product or service beyond its function, and that will bring them back for a purchase.


Don’t scare people away

If your display attendee is avoiding eye contact with you, they are probably feeling shy. Don’t scare them away by trying to immediately close a sale with them, instead greet them politely and give the a moment to look at your display. You can then ask them if they have any questions. This is a great way to engage a potential prospect, let them take the lead, and go from there.


Draw people with a contest

Don’t just give away a hundred t-shirts or pens with your logo on it though. Make people earn a chance to win by entering in a draw or answering a question to earn their prize. While you’re at it, make the prize something that will appeal to a direct prospect to so that you can make sure any leads you gather are targeted.


Tell people about it

Start promoting your show appearance on your social media pages before the show begins, and don’t neglect your updates during and after the show. Contact trade publications to get a mention in one of their columns, or place an ad. While it may cost a few dollars, if it brings in prospects that become clients, its money well spent.


Team up with a Personality

It may be worth approaching a technical writer and seeing if they are willing to sign their book if you buy it in bulk to give away at your exhibition stand. You will have a third party selling your wares for you while they sign their book. Everyone wins.

The best thing about exhibitions is the opportunity to connect with your clients and prospects directly. Being personable and friendly is always a winner compared to glitz and glamour, and always goes a long way towards being remembered.