Starting your Shopping Centre Kiosk Business


Shopping Centre Kiosks exist in just about every shopping centre in the country. They are the stand-alone retail booths that sell a variety of specialty items, such as jewelry, niche body care lines, purses and hats. Since the space they take up is fairly small, the rent on a kiosk is much lower than that of a traditional store. The lower startup costs of a kiosk make starting a business less of a financial risk. If you are looking to become a retail entrepreneur, opening a mall kiosk can be a great starting point for your business idea.                                                                          


1.Choose a specific type of product to sell at your mall kiosk, such as embroidered sports caps, silver jewelry, cell phone accessories or handbags. You will have a limited amount of display space, so specialising in a particular niche is important.

2.Make a list of all the shopping centres in your area that have kiosks. Call each one and get the following information: kiosk rental rate; availability of kiosks and sizes; whether you will have to pay the mall a percentage of your profits; marketing help available to kiosk retailers.

3.Compare the options on your list, and pick the best three in terms of pricing and support available to kiosk merchants. Schedule a visit to each shopping centre location and look around at how well kept the building is, the amount of foot traffic and the other types of kiosk merchants that are already there.                                              

4.Sign a lease with the mall that has the more favorable atmosphere, most foot traffic and that does not already have a merchant selling what you plan to sell.

5.Purchase wholesale merchandise from a distributor in your niche–buying wholesale is essential to making a healthy profit.

6.Buy professional graphics for your kiosk, as well as an attractive product display. Spyder Displays will work with you to build the perfect shopping centre kiosk for your business needs. Keep in mind that the shopping centre you lease in will have signage and display guidelines you must abide by, so ensure you know what those rules are.

7.Promote your new shopping centre kiosk business. Launch a promotional website, open social networking accounts to connect with potential customers and ensure you provide a friendly face for passersby. Impulse purchases will make up the bulk of your sales, so you want to appear as welcoming as possible.


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