Make your Exhibition Space Uniquely Yours


Successful marketing is based upon the idea of communicating your message to your target audience and leaving an impression that lasts. The idea behind a good display design is the same: be memorable and leave attendees with a clear and lasting impression of your business, its products and services and how it can improve the lives of your clients.  Here are a few simple tips to help you make your exhibition space more unique and welcoming.


Incorporate Your Brand Values

Your event presence should represent your business, so make sure your brand values carry over into your overall marketing strategy. Whether your company makes innovative produces or prides itself on flawless customer service find a way to add these values into your display space. The first impression you make to potential clients should closely mirror beliefs important to you.


Make Your Space Comfortable

It can be a good idea to integrate lesser used traditional methods into your display space. Your guests need to feel comfortable within your exhibition display area, so a couple or comfortable chairs or couches can be a great addition. Break up start walls with pot plants and soft lighting. If it makes you feel more comfortable, it will make your guests comfortable too.


Think Outside of the Box

You may feel as though you have a limited selection of designs to choose from, but in truth, your imagination is the limit. Modern custom design displays can be created in almost any shape and size you and your marketing team can dream up. Drawing attention is the point, so if you want to stand out, look different.


Be A Feast For The Senses

Every attendee will respond to your design differently, so try to engage them in as many ways as possible. Visual appeal is important, but don’t be afraid to incorporate other elements to reach out to potential clients. While sound can be difficult to control on a noisy showroom floor, why not try adding pleasing scents to your booth. This may seem strange, but research shows that our brains associate scent and memory closely and a pleasing scent on the trade show floor is an underused resource.


In the end, only you know the best way to make your display area more inviting in a way that most effectively speaks for your business. If you have any ideas you’d like to try in your next display, talk to the experts at Spyder Displays and they will help you make your ideas into reality.