Choosing the correct display stand or portable display should be based on your show objectives, your display budget, and your corporate branding goals. Display Stands are an effective way to convey your marketing message to your audience and trade shows and exhibitions. Below is a number of portable display stand ideas that may suit your next event.

Pull Up or Roll Up Retractable Banner Stands

Pull-up display stands or roll up banner stands are highly effective and a quick way to improve your trade show or exhibition stand. You can also use a few together to create a back wall, or one or two free-standing pull-up displays to showcase the front of your booth. Lightweight and super quick to setup, they are an amazing solution for most trade show displays.

Pop Up Display Stands

A Popup display stands is the most popular portable display solution in the industry. It is the most popular booth option for a 3m x 3m or 6m x 3m exhibition or trade show stand, or for sales events and conferences. There are a broad range of pop-up display stands available in the market today. They are not all the same. Some of the key factors to look at in selecting a pop-up display stand are durability, ease of setup, weight and quality of graphics. Pop-up Displays can be complemented with shelving, LCD/Plasma brackets or counters, backlit endcaps, literature displays, and other accessories which can convert an ordinary pop-up into a standout display!

Modular Panel Display Boards (Fabric or Printed)

Panel Displays are a good alternative to popup display stands, with a professional look similar to a pop-up display stand. Panel displays generally hold more weight than pop-up stands, so they can work well if you have heavier products to display. Great as a fabric finish or printed finish. They can be setup to support products and LCD/Plasma monitors or velcro compatible graphic panels.

Modular Display Stands

Modular exhibition stands or exhibits are higher end display stands that provide a custom look but can still be setup easily. Modular exhibits generally use higher end materials including durable prints, extruded aluminium frames, high end composites, laminates, and innovative bold designs. Modular exhibits will hold more weight and can also be used to hold large plasma screens and LCD panels.

Custom Exhibition Display Stand Designs

Custom exhibition Displays provide the top end display functionality and impact. They are completely custom designed and manufactured so they can be designed to meet very specific show objectives and may include elements like rotating towers, theater spaces, conference areas, and numerous product/service display stations.