Many regular exhibitors have learned the hard way from their mistakes, before being able to reap the benefits of marketing or promoting there products and services at exhibitions or trade shows.

Here are four tips to plan for your success.

Clutter v clarity

Be sure your message is concise and your graphics clear. Crowding your display stand with products, graphics and logos has the potential to overwhelm visitors and detract from your trade show stand’s appearance and your brand’s image, leaving them confused and frustrated. A booth crowded with too much product risks appearing as unprofessional as a flea-market stall.


Many exhibitors make the mistake of having ill-informed and unprofessional staff on their stand. This reflects negatively on the brand as a whole. At a trade show everything contributes to the overall impression, particularly the treatment visitors receive from staff.

Lack of preparation

Having enough time to effectively prepare beforehand is paramount to the success of an exhibition stand. Preparation should involve reaching out to potential clients through tools like media releases and direct marketing, and through social networking sites like Twitter, Foursquare and Facebook.

Going too big, too fast

Companies exhibiting at a trade show for the first time commonly make the mistake of diving headfirst into a large and extravagant stand without considering smaller objectives that would help them achieve a larger goal. Many book too big a space or hold too high expectations when they should be concentrating on learning the dynamics, the atmosphere and getting a feel for the tradeshow or exhibition. Slow down and make realistic decisions and goals. Starting small helps to prevent failure and offers the chance to gain a feel for the industry before aiming too high.

Ref: Article from CIM Magazine