Researching for your next Tradeshow or Conference event can be a long and drawn out experience. With the amount of competition on google, yellow pages online and Bing, it is difficult to look for display products with a point of difference, or the wow factor.


As you research, most companies that you find are selling the same old imported roll up banner stands, pop up display systems or exhibition counters. The prices are varying and all mention quality to some degree.


What do you do?

How do you tell the difference between these companies?

How do I know I am getting a great quality display?


It is difficult to answer these questions but we always offer a few suggestions to our new potential clients when researching.


a) Set out what you are looking to achieve with the display. A good company will offer solutions to your requirments across a number of price ranges. Others may only try and sell you what they want you to buy.


b) The cost of the display, whether you spend $1000 or $10000, is a real investment in your business and brand. MAKE SURE you see the display or its components before you buy it. ASK FOR A DEMO UNIT to be sent to you or ask for a Sales visit. There is no point having a business with great services and products, but poor marketing material.


c) If researching online, it is habit for people to only research the products and not the company. Check warranty, about us and any other relevant sections of the website. Many cheap products have limited or no warranties. In some cases, the products are printed and delivered from other parts of the world and parts are not covered. A local producer is always best, but also look at who they have done work for.


d) Talk to us – Spyder Displays. We have 20-25 years experience in the Australian trade show and exhibtion markets and are continually evolving our products.


Have fun!!