Light Box Exhibition Stand

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The Light Box Exhibition Stand is designed to meet your exhibition requirements.
At Spyder Displays, we aim to customise your display to perfectly suit your brand. Which is why we offer a range of customisation options with many of our displays.
The Light Box Exhibition Stand is particularly customisable. We offer endless configuration options to suit even the most creative of requirements. Specifically, we offer a standard modular frame or a full bespoke design. Designs can include quality timber flooring as well as overhead lighting. We also offer high-quality, reliable counter options to compliment your exhibition design.
Our Light Box Exhibition Stands are complex in design however, at Spyder Displays we make the display process simple. We understand every business has different needs. Therefore, we personalise each display and manufacturing process to suit these needs.
We can offer you a full-service option.  This includes concept design, manufacturing, installation, logistics and storage. Alternatively, we can supply and manufacture the display and your team can manage the rest.
The configurations are designed, manufactured and printed in Australia. So, you can have confidence in a system built for local conditions.
We offer a range of unique, complementary accessories. This includes LCD TVs and iPads to increase interactivity and engagement. As well as counters and shelving to provide additional space for information and branding. We also offer overhead signage, lighting, and flooring to further increase your exhibition design.
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Designed to specifications
All solutions can be 3D designed with your artwork

  • Available as modular finish or full service custom solution
  • Ultimate finish in maximising your brand with high impact results
  • Complete design to suit your event objectives
  • High end materials create long lasting impression with customers

Please contact our graphics team directly for non standard sized guidelines