Display design is at its most effective when the message and design focuses directly on the target audience. A good display design instantly communicates to visitors that your solution is the one that your audience is are looking for with a compelling message, well branded, and explains advantages of exhibitors products.


In reality, the opposite is true. Many displays point out every products a company offers, described with large blocks of small text, which only prevent visitors from finding what they are looking for and a far cry from a concise, compelling message. Most exhibition visitors want information on new products and services, in particular, innovative new solutions and are not interested in using their time to see products they have known about for a while.


A good solution is to design your display to directly attract your best prospects.  Here’s how:

  • Think about what your audience expects from exhibitors. Why do they attend trade shows, and what is their motivation? Chances are, the answer is to find innovative products and solutions!

  • What is the profile of your target audience?  Different groups are attracted by different communications styles and messages. Marketers are attracted by innovative technology, such as multi-touch tables or iPads for presentations, CEOs like dominant, high end designs while teachers and nurses are attracted to natural messages, shapes and materials.

  • Try to tie the last two points into your display design, but keeping the following elements in mind:

    • Reduce your message to the essentials. Just show your best, most innovative products, not all your products.

    • Reduce your graphics text to one main message, with three customer benefits at the most.

    • Ask questions in your messaging that will attract your target audience and help you start a conversation with them.

    • Make sure your materials, colours and shapes fit your company brand and reflect your corporate personality and values.

    • Use emotional imagery… pictures are so much more convincing that words.

When if comes to designing your display, the golden rules always “Less is More”. Simplify your exhibit, and maximise your results!