If you’ve ever taken part in an exhibition, you will already know that not everyone is there to buy straight away. So how to do you get your potential clients to remember you? Getting your foot in the door can be easy and cost effective. Here’s where to start.



Get Started with the Basics


We’ve all heard the rumours, but print isn’t dead. Potential customers need to know how to get a hold of you, and the old-fashioned business card is a great way to easily distribute details on how to contact you. As soon as you make a connection, whether it is and in depth conversation or just small talk, have them your business card. Some customers won’t have time to talk, so it’s a good idea to place business cards on your table (or tabletop display) as well as in any goodie bags you hand out.





Freebies are a wonderful way to attract attendees to your stand, but the important this is really what you do with them once they’re there. Try using different giveaways for different purposes.

  • All potential customers and attendees that stop by your stand should be given a high quality promotional pen or similar quality item – whether they stay to talk or not.
  • Attendees who sign up for your mailing list or fill out a survey should be given more expensive items, such as USB chargers or flash drives. Rewards are a wonderful incentive!
  • Your highest quality gifts should go to existing customers who stop by your stand, as a reward for their loyalty and willingness to look and your newest products and services.
  • Give more expensive products such as flash drives or car USB chargers to attendees who sign up for your mailing list or fill out a questionnaire. Rewards are great incentive!

The quality of the gifts you hand out is a direct reflection of you and your company. The last thing you need is your giveaways in the bin, where they won’t do you any good!



Use a QR Code


Most customers own smart phones, so make the most of it by using a well-placed QR code, with a clever little incentive to scan. Offer a prize, exclusive content or freebies and enjoy watching visits to your website climb. Make sure your website is responsive to phones and tablets though, or your hard work will be pointless.

Being noticed at an expo doesn't mean you need to have the flashiest stand on the block. All it takes is giving a potential client a free pen and asking them how they are going. Contact information combined with a personal connection can make a difference in creating future sales.