Custom Built Counter

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At Spyder Displays, we focus on creating the best possible solution to meet your business needs.
We know that a personalised display can be key in effectively showcasing your brand.
This is why we offer customisable display options, such as the Custom Built Counter.
Designed with your specific business in mind, the Custom Built Counter is the ideal solution for maximum quality and durability. 
We aim to achieve even the most creative of designs and can build a counter in almost any finish imaginable.
Designed for optimal stability, our counters are sturdy, durable and easy-to-set up.
The process of creating your custom-made counter is simple yet detail-driven.
Our in-house graphic design team will work with you to create the perfect graphics. We pride ourselves on working hard to understand your brand's style and values. Our manufacturing team will then construct the counter tailored to your requirements.
A wide range of accessories are available. This includes LCD screens and iPad stands for interactivity and engagement. As well as shelving and brochure holders to showcase your brand values. We also offer lockable castors and more for maximum security.
The Custom Built Counter can stand individually and add a level of professionalism to any space. Alternatively, it can complement one of our other displays. For example, a Pop Up Exhibition Stand or Banner Stand
Click here for Counter Examples
10 Year warranty
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  • Create a design that suits your specific brand or requirements
  • Customise with amazing graphics and interactive accessories

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