A great demo is memorable. The top two reasons for remembering exhibits, ‘brand awareness’ and ‘product interest’ depend on what your company has done outside the exhibition arena. Good product demonstrations take advantage of the interactive, face to face environment, and set you apart from companies who just sit there.


Here are seven elements that make a great demonstration:


1.  Movement:  Motion draws the eye, so use it to attract passersby as they walk by your booth. Try starting a demo before anyone is in your booth, and a crowd will naturally gather.


2.  Makes benefits obvious: If you know the unique and popular benefits of your product, make the most of it by creating a demo that makes them obvious to your prospects too.


3.  Proof that your product works: Marketing claims on websites and brochures are great, but chances are that your prospects are sceptical. An exhibition is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that your product really does what you say it does, and overcome any scepticism.


4.  Interactivity: Get your visitors involved in the demo by discussion or getting hands on, and they will remember you more because you have engaged them more. They will be more likely to believe that your product works because they have experienced it first hand.


5.  Practice: Make sure your staff have practiced the demo so that it flows smoothly every time. Its a good idea to train more than one person to relive the first during breaks, or you could consider doing demos in multiple places if your space is large enough.


6. Technology: This is great for services or any products that your visitors can’t physically hold in their hands. In this case, use presentation technologies such as touchscreen tablets and video to engage your visitors and demonstrate benefits.


7.  Space: Rather than tack on a demo after your display is built, design your display with the demo in mind. That way, planning your space, lighting, graphics and any other elements such as a table, stage or kiosk can support your demonstration and give you a polished finish.


A great demo entices more people to your booth, overcomes scepticism and helps you be more memorable, long after the show has finished.